Power Washing / Sealing

Picseal really does protect your block paving driveway, patio or path. Keeping the jointed sand in place and giving a” wet look “matt or gloss finish. It’s a heavy duty specially formulated sealer designed to enhance any area of concrete paving. Picseal just shrugs off dirt and stains and also inhibits weed growth.

Picseal penetrates into your paved surfaces creating a long lasting seal that enhances the natural colours of pre-cast block paving, slabs, concrete and stone.

Picseal rejuvenates and refurbishes, brining tired old paving back to life, and best of all requires minimal maintenance.


Some of the advantages of picseal sealer

  • Inhibits  weed growth
  • Stain resistant
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Oil resistant surface
  • Fast efficient installation

Maybe your driveway was laid before you moved in, or perhaps it’s just that you never really thought about long term maintenance? Whatever the reasons the facts are the same – the wind and rain and the passing of time cause maintenance issues to block paved driveways.

Weeds establish themselves through the smallest oil gaps. Your once proud paving now looks in need of attention.

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