Resin Bonded Natural Stone

The beauty of natural stone has often been used to remarkable effect in historic towns and gardens. Natural stone is a popular choice for your driveway, paths, patio and courtyard where the aesthetic element is essential.

Areas can be personalised by using different designs, for example incorporating coloured borders or brick edging, curves and circles to create a unique effect.

PICSBOND combines the flexibility and strength of resin and the aesthetic appeal of natural stone without the problems with loose gravel. This process a tough and durable dressing to new or existing concrete or tarmac driveways. The flexible nature of the PICSBOND system allows it to be installed on new or existing concrete, tarmac, wood and steal surfaces. With minimal maintenance required, PICSBOND offers exceptionally low life time costs. PICSBOND adds colour and individually using natural stone finishes. A combination of colours can create amazing finishes including bespoke designs and features.

PICSBOND special properties/benefits

  • Non-slip/high skid resistance values
  • Creates a natural coloured aggregate appearance
  • Wide range of colours available
  • Rapid installation
  • For use on internal and external¬† paving and on a wide Variety of surfaces
  • Allows creation of aesthetically pleasing colour designs and logos
  • The sealed surface will greatly reduce staining, algae growth and reduce maintenance
  • Extremely durable and hard wearing

Resin Bonded Natural Stone

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