Pattern Imprinted Concrete

The pattern imprinted system transforms plain concrete into stone, slate, cobbles, brick and even timber... a virtually limitless variety of styles and colours. Pattern imprinted concrete is a cost effective answer to most paving requirements. With rapid installation, stain resistance and low maintenance pattern imprinted concrete offers many advantages over conventional paving products. Permanent colour and texture turn hard landscaping into more than just paving.

Selecting the most suitable paving system for your home is very important as it represents a long term investment in your property. Style of paving include York stone, slate, cobblestone, brick and timber decking, all with authentic texture and shading. With over 100 colour combinations to choose from, we can ensure you will find the finish you are looking for. You can also select from a range of custom features such as circles, soldier courses, or other details that will ensure your paving is truly unique.

Some of the advantages of pattern imprinted concrete

  • Fully proven product
  • Permanent positive texture and colour
  • Reinforcement fibre concrete
  • Cost effective & rapid installation
  • 100% weed free
  • Truly low maintenance
  • Every installation is distinctive and unique
  • Once sealed 25% harder than concrete

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