FAQ/Do i need planning permission?
From the 1st of October 2008, a submission for planning permission may be required for impermeable surfaces like tarmac, concrete, and block paving. The purpose of this new regulation is to prevent storm water drains, and eventually the rivers, from being unessecery overfilled during periods of heavy rainfall due to overdevelopment. These regulations apply to the area between the front of the house and the road if the area is over 5 square meters. We will try to satisfy the requirements of our customers and local council by using various drainage systems where the rainwater can be drained or harvested into surrounding areas, i.e. using Aeo drainage, professionally built soakaways, French drains or simply by creating falls allowing water to drain towards planters.

On particularly poor drainage properties, or where soakaways are to close to the property, we are permitted to use storm drains. Providing we make our best effort to drain driveway accumulated rainwater into the sub soils below, WE WILL NOT REQUIREPLANNING PERMISSION. Our trained site  surveyor will look at all options in order that all requirements are met. On rare occasions there may be no option but to apply for planning permission, we will apply for permission on your behalf which costs £ 150.00 and takes about 6-8 weeks to complete.